Here’s a bit about me. My areas of expertise are business strategy, organizational change, brand marketing and customer and employee engagement.

My career includes time with Saatchi & Saatchi and The Brand Union at the forefront of marketing during the last twenty years, advising a wide range businesses around the world, across every sector.

My company is called Visceral Business. Actually it’s more of a network.

I’m an active member of, Seth’s Godin’s online community that’s rewriting the rules of strategic marketing and organizational development.


Email Telephone (+44) 203 355 0582 or (+44) 7508 021951

Today, the net worth is in the network

In a society increasingly connected by technology, affinity’s becoming a more powerful and stronger glue than structure.

There’s a need for more meaningful connections and affinities in businesses, on the inside and the out of them through affinities, for connections that have an audience’s attention, imagination, confidence and trust.

Authentic, homespun businesses powered by technology are powerful because they naturally gather a following; they have the means to develop a strong network. Businesses with blatant integrity are capable of generating relationships that work on a visceral level, made up of deep connections and shared experiences that matter.

Because they’re inherently attractive, these connections also tend to be cost-effective. They’re efficient and valued because they make a palpable difference to all involved. Brands that are connected to their community, that people can believe in, are brands with a bright future.

I help businesses large and small achieve growth by being organized to thrive.


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